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14 September 2010 @ 08:58 pm

30 сентября Sade выступит в благотворительном концерте Black Ball

Читайте ветку Sade (с новостями, статьями, периодикой, обсуждениями) на сайте Beatles.ru - Sade

30 сентября Sade выступит в благотворительном концерте Black Ball

Читайте ветку Sade (с новостями, статьями, периодикой, обсуждениями) на сайте Beatles.ru - Sade
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03 March 2010 @ 07:19 am
"Soldier Of Love" - восьмой альбом очаровательной англичанки-нигерийки Folasade Adu, вышедший с перерывом почти в 10 лет.  С начала января была долгая и упорная прелюдия к этому релизу со стороны моего знакомого со-фаната, и сейчас мне захотелось привести в порядок свои мысли. Общее звучание я бы определил как неспешное и довольно вальяжное. Наше ухо может различить спокойную, теплую гитару, напоминающую гитару у походного костра или на вечере классиков авторской песни. Экспрессия в Soldier Of Love, муштрованная перкуссия, напоминающая боевую дробь барабанщика-пехотинца ) Пожалуй, из альбома это единственная композиция в своем роде. Она не задает тон, и это довольно странно. Morning Bird начинается необычно приятными мотивами в стиле неоклассики. The Safest Place мне почему-то немного напоминает нью-эйдж. Что еще можно сказать. Вокал - везде - все-таки слишком поп. Слишком явные реверансы в сторону этой аудитории. Нет, это уже не Sally, не Mr. Wrong, не You're Not the Man - неповторимая вещь, которую я просто обожаю. Коммерциализация пришла и сюда. Жаль. Шаде, Шаде..
10 February 2010 @ 12:30 pm
is this journal still active? let's talk about the new cd!
28 July 2009 @ 02:15 am

Сообщение Стюарта на двух сайтах:

Message from the Band

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Monday, July 27, 2009 - 19:37
Message from the Band

Just though we'd drop buy and thank every one for your unbelievable support over the years...
We're in the thick of it now!!....
More to come.....

Stuart, Paul, Andrew and....Sade


И на фан-сайте:

cottonbelly wrote today at 12:28 PM

Just signing in to say "Hey" ...We're hard at it....Thanks for the patience!
Stuart, Paul, Andrew and Sade

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09 June 2007 @ 03:10 pm

#Sade-all_about_our_love (сеть Rusnet: irc.tsk.ru, irc.alkar.net, irc.run.net; порты 6667-6669,7770-7775)
Обмен редкими материалами приветствуется.

08 March 2007 @ 06:37 pm
Dear Ladies,

Happy Women's Day!

Love and Happiness!
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08 March 2007 @ 05:06 pm

Милые половинки:) С праздником вас!

One more Sade related news from the Islington Gazette.

Star Sade backs bid for private school to go free

21 February 2007


POP diva Sade is behind a campaign to broaden access to an private school - where pupils do not learn to read until the age of six or seven.

The Steiner School, in St Paul's Church, on the corner of Essex Road and St Paul's Road, Islington, currently only educates children - including the offspring of some of the borough's celebrities - whose mums and dads can afford to pay.

But teachers, parents and the school's patron Sade, a Highbury resident, want the private school to be free of charge.

Sade - known for her hits Smooth Operator and No Ordinary Love - said: "I support St Paul's bid to become London's first state-funded Steiner school so this wonderful education can be an option for all families.

"I am impressed with the richness of the curriculum and I hope it will soon be a choice for London children, much as it is for children in the other major cities in Europe."

St Paul's Steiner School, which has 200 pupils, opened 13 years ago. It is one of around 800 schools in the world to follow the teachings of philosopher Rudolph Steiner, who founded his first school in 1919 in Stuttgart.

Pupils do not start formal learning - including reading, writing and arithmetic - until the age of six or seven.

Early discussions between CEA@Islington, which runs the borough's state schools and St Paul's Steiner School have begun.

Councillor Ursula Woolley, Islington's executive member for children, said: "Big plans for the future of education are already in place. The council is discussing proposals with the school and the Department for Education and Skills.
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21 February 2007 @ 04:57 am
A Sade related news featured in Islington Gazette:

Bells ring out after 25 years

07 February 2007

St Paul
St Paul's Church

CHURCH bells are to ring out again after 25 years of silence.

The peal of eight bells was once a familiar sound at St Paul's Church on the corner of Essex Road and St Paul's Road, Islington.

And this week the tradition that was upheld for more than 150 years is to return. The chimes of the restored clocktower will begin marking the hour from 12noon on Saturday.

Pop diva Sade, a Highbury resident and patron of the private Steiner school located in St Paul's, is set to attend the launch. The venue will open its doors to the public for the event and Roland Gift, Islington resident and former lead singer with the Fine Young Cannibals, is to be the master of ceremonies.

The original bells were removed from the tower in 1987 and shipped to Australia, where they are now used in a church in Perth. The new main bell was recovered from a disused church in south London.

St Paul's clocktower was revamped thanks to a cash boost from the Heritage of London and Manifold Trust.