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Recently a very interesting article about pre-Sade band Pride was posted by the photographer and writer Jude Calvert-Toulmin (with extremely rare and interesting pictures in it).

Here it is - Turn Of The 80s - The Hull Connection: Sade

08 February 2007 © Jude Calvert-Toulmin
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05 October 2006 @ 11:00 pm

Take a look at: 

02 October 2006 @ 09:56 pm
Hello everyone :)
I met SADE few years ago. I needed a present for my father's birthday and remembering that he loved to listen to SADE I decided to buy a CD for him. It was "Lovers rock". I'd met her in her songs and the time we spent together was wonderful. Then, I got to know her much better. My feelings became stronger, and now I realize that this is love.

P.S. I'm sorry for mistakes.. if I've made ones... I'm not a native-speaker

14 April 2005 @ 08:08 pm
A Sade community! I'm so happy to have found one.

I came to be a fan through my parents, mainly. They have been listening to her forever. I remember hearing the songs from a young age (along with Pet Shop Boys and all that fun stuff ;P). I'm really appreciating her now, though. Her voice is so smooth and it's just excellent. I agree with the first post, that "Pearls" is an extremely emotional song. I cried myself when I heard it. It's so very beautiful.

I like a bunch of other songs, as well.

Hope to talk to you all soon :)
12 April 2005 @ 05:21 am
Hello here and now!
It's fantastic that there's a community of real SADE fans!

I'm a huge Sade fan from Russia. I love all their records. Most favorite song is maybe Fear, the favorite album is Promise. I love all their beautiful videos.
I also collect their memorabilia, records and kind of that stuff (bootlegs, rare mixes etc). I love the band live most of all.
Helen, in my own opinion, is the best and most genuine songstress ever appeared. She has most beautiful female voice I ever heard. She has beautiful feautures also, the most beautiful Lady, The First Lady Of Cool.

I love Paul's bassplaying, very melodic and awesome. He's one of my favorite bassmen.
Stu is brilliant melodicist and saxophonist.
Andrew makes so amazing arrangements, he's really good keyboardplayer and arranger, composer.



I'd love to see them live! I hope they'll do as soona s possible...

Alex (aka Rosco)

ps you can e-mail me or something;)

My ICQ#343651799
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15 March 2005 @ 11:52 pm
Hello there. I am a HUGE Sade fan and I love their songs. Most people think Sade is one person, but Sade is actually a vocalist and three musicians. Anyways, I love these songs from them: "Your Love is King", "Cherry Pie", "Smooth Operator-Extended Smooth Jazz Version", "Hang on to Your Love", "Maureen", "Keep Looking", "Paradise", "Never as Good as the First Time", and "King of Sorrow". I am a die-hard fan of the band. I have not gotten any of the Sweetback CDs but I heard they are good without her vocals. Okay that's it for now. Bye-bye.
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15 October 2004 @ 01:02 pm
I love SADE. She's the only one that makes it real for me. I wish she would tour.
17 August 2004 @ 04:33 pm
Hello all, this is the first post here, so this community's not dead. I only just started it.

Anyway, Im a fan of Sade and her music. My favorite songs are "No Ordinary Love", "Pearls", "Sweetest Taboo", and "Somebody Already Broke my Heart".

"Pearls" is probably her deepest song, as it evokes emotion and sadness. I cried when I heard that song, lol.

When is she coming out with a new album?
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